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Windows 8 On Multiple Platforms? I’ll Take It!

Microsoft plans on making a few versions of the upcoming Windows 8, including four versions for tablets and smartphones that will use ARM chips. The ARM versions won’t run the older Windows software but the Intel chip version will. The news comes from Intel’s SVP, Renee James during a conference for investors. James claimed that there will be at least one Intel version of Windows 8 that will address the tablet and smartphone market.

What this means is that instead of creating a bunch of fancy titles and different versions that are only slightly tweaked in reality, this means that the next generation Windows operating system will be able to successfully run on virtually any platform. This may just give the boost Microsoft needs to obtain a larger portion of the market share while Android’s rising popularity seems to continuously threaten Microsoft’s success.

But can Microsoft’s desire to conquer all platforms beat Google’s ambition and strive to create innovative Android features? We have yet to find out! Microsoft is likely to explain more on their new operating system later this year the Professional Developers conference, held on September 13th, 2011. We anticipate that Windows 8 will arrive before the 2012 holiday season, but we do not have a definitive date just yet. Until then, stay tuned for the latest Microsoft updates!

Photo Courtesy of Changs
Photo Courtesy of umpcportal