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Xbox Rolls Out Firmware Update W/ Major Glitch

There’s a new firmware update for the Xbox 360 that allows individuals to read higher capacity discs. The only problem is that the new firmware update will not work on every console since some older Xbox 360s aren’t able to work around the format. Microsoft has stated that a very small number of units are affected but has stated that they plan on replacing any of the affected consoles.

The company is offering to replace affected consoles with a brand new Xbox 360 Slim with 250GB hard drive at no cost to the consumer. Of course, users will have to send back their old console before getting a new one and the offer will expire by the end of September. Fortunately though, Microsoft will be throwing in a one-year subscription to Xbox Live into the mix.

I assume Microsoft hopes that its generosity will prevent any lawsuits from flying in, especially after the tragedy over at Sony. The new disc format will give a capacity boost of around 1GB, which isn’t massive but will mean that some 360 games won’t need to be split across multiple discs, yay! For all your Xbox owners out there, how do you feel about your system? Are you still happy with it or eager for the next generation to swing by? Let us know what you think!

Photo Courtesy of mattB
Photo Courtesy of mattB