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AT&T Systematically Overcharges Millions Of Users

So we all know that AT&T charges hefty prices in addition to offering poor call coverage, and very small data plan packages. Well it looks like this company just got even darker, and I really, really, hope this T-Mobile acquisition doesn’t go through. A class action lawsuit has been filed against AT&T for systematically overcharging customers on data usage. After running some experimental tests, the lawyers behind the lawsuit claim that every transaction has resulted in an over charge.

Also, as part of the experiment, they used a brand new iPhone turned off for a period of days and yet it yielded 35 transactions that counted against the accounts cap. AT&T averaged overstating data usage by 7-14%, sometimes as much as 300% to innocent, hard-working Americans. Furthermore, there was never an undercharge, always an overcharge, which makes it seem purposeful against the customer.

So not only is AT&T offering poorly priced deals, bad coverage, but now they are also purposefully overcharging all their customers. Is this a wireless carrier you want to be doing business with? What about a Wireless Carrier you’d like buying out T-Mobile, making AT&T even more powerful and more corrupt than it currently is? Stand up against the deal and write to your senators urging them to fight the deal.

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Photo Courtesy of nontrivialM
Photo Courtesy of scriptingnews