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Dell Streak Pro- Full Spec Leak With Photos

We now have a full spec and photo leak for Dell’s new 10-inch Honeycomb Tablet, the Dell Streak Pro. Although we’re not sure which exact version of Android the device will have, we do know that it will run on a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 T20 processor from Nvidia. The 10.1-inch screen will carry a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution screen and offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity.

If you’re into photos, the Dell Streak PRO comes with a dual 5MP/2MP rear to front-facing camera. The device will also have the option of coming with a productivity dock, offering a keyboard and built-in cover, a media dock, and an in-car charger, but please, whatever you do, DO NOT browse the Internet while you are driving. That said, the device has 1GB of memory and the slate will come in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.

Dell’s first Streak tablet had mixed reviews, the biggest negatives of the original Streak were poor battery life and weak resolution with many owners returning their tablets or selling them. I certainly hope that this re-hashed Streak will make it through and if it doesn’t, I have a feeling they will scrap the idea of having a Dell tablet, altogether. Much the same as they did with the Dell MP3 player they used to have (and I used to own). Something tells me that Dell should just stick to laptops and desktops, but that wouldn’t be very fair of me to suggest any company to limit their expansion.

Photo Courtesy of techradar
Photo Courtesy of techradar