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Facebook Starts Using PhotoDNA

Facebook will be the first company other than Microsoft to use Microsoft’s PhotoDNA technology (a system that has greatly helped the fight against child pornography). PhotoDNA was developed in collaboration with Dartmouth College, that acts as a digital fingerprint from photographs to be able to find and identify other versions of the same images online. Microsoft had previously donated PhotoDNA to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Bill Harmon, serving as general counsel to Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit hopes that Facebook’s adoption of PhotoDNA will help them prevent illegal photos to show up on Facebook and hopefully help prevent the spread of such vile photos. Harmon also notes that the system has evaluated over two billion images on its services using the software, claiming it to be a powerful tool to help locate and remove unwanted photos.

Facebook will hold a live event at noon on Friday to talk about the PhotoDNA initiative. We hope that this initiative helps clean up any inappropriate images both on Facebook and on search engines throughout the web. Microsoft hopes that other search engines will follow Facebook’s path and adopt the technology as well. I believe as the years progress, facial recognition technology will grow to be better and better, helping authorities at all levels.

Photo Courtesy of LukeM
Photo Courtesy of arena