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Are Apple Users No Longer Safe from Malware?

The Most people think Mac users have nothing to worry about when it comes to malware. This has been true for many years, but things are changing. A new report from ZDNet blogger Ed Bott reported that a malicious app called MAC Defender is infecting more Mac users than before. An unnamed apple care supporter reported that “many, many people” are falling for the MAC Defender attack. Apple care is not really supposed to help with malware, but most of the representatives do anyways. The easiest way to get rid of the malware is to simply download a real antivirus software. The app has caused 3 to 4 more times the calls than usual for apple care. The majority of the calls are related to the malware outbreak. The Malware is not a wide spreading, its a mild problem.

Many people were tricked into downloading the software and are trying to uninstall it. The Mac Defender app is a fake antivirus program that aimed towards Mac.
This is how the Mac users become infected: The developers use SEO to get infected sites to the top of search engine results. Clueless users who click certain links are sent to a rogue site, where JavaScript on the page automatically downloads a file. If a specific web browser option is checked like the one allowing Safari to open safe files after downloading; the malware file decompresses and its installer appears on screen. If the user clicks the Continue button then the app will install. If the problem continues then apple might have to include antivirus software on future Macs.

Photo Courtesy of JordanMErrick
Photo Courtesy of CellPhoneSusie