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Georgia Tech Leads 5 Year Homeland Security Program

Georgia Tech Research Institute will lead a five-year Homeland Open Security Technology program that will cost $10M. The program is geared towards finding new ways to handle the country’s cyber security, as we had just mentioned yesterday, President Obama is taking this initiative very seriously. The researchers in the program seek to convince opponents of the program, that open solutions are safe.

The program will seek to discover and collaborate in open source software and practices, thereby producing a ‘measurable impact’ for cyber security systems. Government users will be able to benefit from the collaboration and open technical solutions. The Department of Homeland Security is seeking the advice of scholars, researchers, and anyone in the open-source community, as well as industry professionals.

This strategy of seeking help will greatly assist the government in figuring out where the greatest challenges are, and Georgia Tech will lead the way! Others to follow, will include members of the Open Technology Research Consortium, the University of Texas at Austin, the Open Information Security Foundation, and the Open Source Software Institute. More information will be launched this summer about the initiative, the participants, and possible events for collaboration. I hope that we don’t end up letting enemies in on our key findings by being so open.

Photo Courtesy of FirstAssembly
Photo Courtesy of FingersSFV