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Intel + Apple, A Match Made In Heaven

Intel’s Senior Vice President, Tom Kilroy has recently revealed that Intel and Apple are working closely together on Apple’s future products. Kilroy is state that Apple helps shape Intel’s roadmap. This makes sense to me because unlike PC manufacturers that have an option of choosing Intel, AMD, or ARM, Apple has been using Intel processors for years and years.

The duo have quite a solid history together and it would make sense for them to team up to take on the world, especially when Intel knows that Apple won’t flock over to AMD or ARM for business. Just looking at recent quarterly estimates for the PC industry shows why Intel is interested in working with Apple. Apple holds a 9.3% market share but its computer sales are growing while others are falling.

Additionally, the two companies worked together to develop Thunderbolt which seeks to replace USB as the new standard for data transfer technology. Now, if only Apple can test their products a little longer before pushing them out to the wild, perhaps we will see some products that do not spontaneously freeze and/or have issues with brand new hardware. In defense of Apple, they do have a lot of weight on their shoulders in ensuring continuous product development.

Photo Courtesy of yum9me
Photo Courtesy of cmbj