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Verizon Is Eliminating Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon has officially decided to get rid of unlimited data plans. It has been confirmed by the Verizon CEO Fran Shammo.

The unlimited data plans are going to be replaced and the new ones are going to be aimed at heavy data users. The new data plans will be similar to those of AT&T. The AT&T data plan includes 250MB for $15 and month and $25 for 2GB. This plan may not be very pleasing to customers because no one has ever enjoyed sharing minutes let alone kilobytes. Shammo said they are looking into to family data plans, so the same house hold could use a certain amount of data for one price, much like the shared minutes plan.

The unlimited use meta data plan will be in effect when the iPhone 5 comes out. The iPhone 5 will be a global device says Shammo. Also, AT&T and Verizon are set to release the new iPhone 5 at the same time.

Photo Courtesy of William
Photo Courtesy of BigBaby