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New Auto Inspired Super Desk

If you are looking for a new computer desk, but want to look for something a little more edgy than what target, staples, and most department stores have to offer, then you might want to take a look at the limited edition superdesk inspired by car maker Bugatti. This French company is the same one that produce the Veyron, a 1.4 million dollar street legal race car.

The super desk is is built with top of the line pieces from Luzzo. The desk is a little more affordable than the 1.4 million dollar car, but still a little pricey at $240,000. The desk is an inspiration of the Bugatti car brand and has several of the same nobs as some of the Bugatti cars. The desk consists of an all aluminum frame, self closing drawers, and a retractable monitor which are the standard features. The blue color of the desk marks Bugatti’s trademark.

The $240,000 will include a new Apple iMac, which connected into the desk’s frame to allow the entire unit to be withdrawn when not in use. Just 10 of the desks will be constructed, and each will include its own numbered nameplate and construction history, including every member of the build team. This is an awesome desk if you have your money saved up to buy one.

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo
Photo Courtesy of LauraT