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DISH Network Offers 3 Mo. Free Blockbuster

The well known satellite television operator, Dish Network has just announced that it will be giving new customers three months of Blockbuster by Mail, after the television giant purchased Blockbuster for $320 million. Dish will be making the offer at is competes with DirecTV and cable operators one one hand and Internet streaming services like Netflix on the other.

New customers will have access to over 100,000 movies, TV shows, and games with new titles arriving 28 days before they arrive on Netflix or the kiosk rental system, Redbox. How do you think Blockbuster execs felt after hearing that the company that bought them will be offering three months of free rentals? What is Dish Network’s hidden agenda?

Do you think there is a note hidden somewhere in the fine print that writes “After three months of the free Blockbuster service, users will be required to pay a monthly fee of $19.99”? I mean, it seems a little strange to me that Dish’s first action with its recent acquisition is to offer it to new customers for free. Or perhaps this is a way for Dish Network to get its customers to try out the Blockbuster service (if they haven’t already), before turning Blockbuster into some type of “Dishbuster.” Hey, these are only ideas, what are some of yours? Drop us a line below!

Photo Courtesy of cayusa
Photo Courtesy of trainman