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Let The Elan TS10 Control Your Home

Having an automated home means that you can essentially control your house with one device, it’s something that Google is currently working on to allow the Android phone make living at home, easier. While Google is doing some deep thinking on its own platform, a company called Elan has created a single touchscreen that can be integrated in either a wall or a table.

The new in-wall touchscreen is called the TS10 and will be offered to dealers beginning next month. The screen has a special touch and swipe design, along with a larger screen, that allows the user to watch TV from composite sources, as well as allow the user to view security cameras.

The screen sports a 16:9 aspect ratio and comes with flash memory inside. Users will be able to install the TS10 with pre-constructed brackets and even use the device as a digital photo frame. It will come in colors; almond, light almond, ivory, black, and white. The Elan TS10 uses IP connectivity to communicate with the other components. We don’t have any pricing at this moment but I can guess it would be around $500. Keep an eye on this company if you are interested in automating your home.

Photo Courtesy of slashgear
Photo Courtesy of thedifference