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Google Spying On Employees-Comes To An End

Plenty of employees work at a job where they have internet access. Although your employer has this set up so you can search the web for business related use, most poeple use the internet at work to look up non business related topics. People either use the web to check their Facebook, Twitter, personal e-mail or even where they are going to eat that evening. There is a grey area of what is used for personal and business use when it comes to the internet. A lot of companies restrict their employee’s web access and check to see what they have been pulling up on the web while they are at work.

There was a recent post on The Guardian’s Website pointed out, Google is now touting its SSL encrypted search option as a way to thwart incriminating employers and ISPs. Google first launched encrypted search about a year ago, and then moved it to its own subdomain at encrypted.google.com. The feature doesn’t hide your browsing history but it does make it harder for your employers to keep track and monitor your web use. The change is designed to protect peoples privacy.

Now if you click on a link from an encrypted page, the referrer data isn’t passed on to the receiving site (unless that also uses HTTPS) – which might mean that some sites aren’t going to be able to work out where traffic is coming from. This is good news for those people that have nosey and controlling employers; people are more free to use their internet use on their own time.

Photo Courtesy of BrennonSapp
Photo Courtesy of MomentMedia