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HP’s Nova Dartfish In The Works

Hewlett-Packard has said in the past that its Mobile WebOS platform could be used on platforms other than smartphones and tablets. With this information in mind, HP is creating a new device that will essentially be a laptop running the mobile OS. The screen resolution will be a meager 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, identical to the HP TouchPad and have full support for WiFi, Bluetooth, and a non-swappable battery.

The leak came from a developer log intended to be kept secret, and came soon after Google announced its Chromebook at Google’s I/O. HP also announced cloud computing plans earlier this month, hinting that perhaps the Nova Dartfish will use HP’s cloud infrastructure to create a device similar to Chrome notebook.

After all, why does Google get to have all the market share? We’ve seen the WebOS working on a laptop before, which lends more evidence that HP will create a netbook-spec laptop very similar to the Chromebook. This is a very young leak and is all based on a leaked log and a few observations but we will write more once HP officially announces any such notebook. Until then, please don’t spear any Nova Dartfish, we don’t care how hungry you are!

Photo Courtesy of wlodi
Photo Courtesy of LouisVolant