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iPad 2 Vs Galaxy Tab 10.1 Video Recording

All the new tablets have video recordings and applications. The question is which one between the iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 records HD videos the best? To find out there is a side by side test in the video below of one side featuring the iPad and the other side featuring the Galaxy.

You will notice in the video that the iPad has colors that are a little more clearer than the Galaxy. Also the iPad has a little more brighter view in color and the Galaxy is darker. There is a visable difference because of the contrast in the two videos.

The white markings on the street seem to be particularly challenging for the iPad to pick up, as you can see about 14 seconds in. Around 0:22, the entire street starts to flash. The Galaxy 10.1 on the other hand didn’t have any similar issues.

The answer to the question is the iPad 2 has better color and looks brighter, but the Galaxy 10.1 is a more reliable device during fast changes and changes in lighting.

Photo Courtesy of Smemon