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iPhone 5 Will Be Dual Mode

Verizon’s CFO confirmed that the next iPhone will be a world phone. The iPhone 5 will be able to operate both on the CDMA and GSM networks with the same hardware. Verizon CFO Fran Shammo claimed that the new iPhone would be a dual-mode phone allowing for users to seamlessly switch between wireless carriers without switching hardware.

Of course, you’ll probably have to pay a hefty $200 penalty for ending a contract early, it’s reassuring to some that you’ll get to keep the same hardware. I wonder if this will prevent branding of the iPhone since many people automatically associate the iPhone with AT&T. Shammo responded to one person who asked if Verizon was worried about not having an LTE iPhone later this year.

Shammo retorted that Verizon would indeed have several 4G-capable Android handsets later this year and claimed that it “was a bigger issue for Apple than it is for us.” Does the idea of a dual-mode iPhone strike your fancy or is it just another useless perk that few consumers will actually make use of? Although, this would allow a person on the AT&T network to switch to Verizon much easier and only be stuck paying a single fine rather than looking for a new device. Let us know your thoughts below.

Photo Courtesy of nino63
Photo Courtesy of laluna