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RamSan-70, An Affordable SSD

TMS (Texas Memory Systems) has announced this week its fastest flash memory card, called the RamSan-70. The RamSan-70 is a PCIe card that is about half the size of previous models while 3x faster. The memory card comes from 450GB to 900GB modules and features Toshiba’s latest 32nm single-level cell NAND flash chips, offering a 20% reduction in price per GB compared to previous models.

Users will be able to get the power of a solid-state drive in a “graphics card-like” form-factor, allowing for plug-n-play operation. This will no doubt be most advantageous to those who already have a full tower computer chassis and use a full ATX motherboard, as these larger motherboards have more available slots. With a lifespan between six to ten years, this is one SSD worth paying for.

Although we do not yet have pricing nor availability on the card you can bet that this will be a much cheaper solution than a standard 2.5″ solid-state drive. The only drawback I see from this card is that it is more fragile than a SSD and must be installed carefully, including a proper securing with screws. In terms of SSD safety, there should be no problem in breakage unless your computer case is missing a side panel and is exposed to the outside world. Check out the video for more info on their previous SSD.

Photo Courtesy of xayana
Photo Courtesy of DandyD