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Sony Reveals Smart AR Technology

Sony has just revealed its new SmartAR technology (not displayed in photos) that allows a device to recognize an object, even within a 2D object such as a poster, and animate it. Sony’s prototype will animate the creature and allow the user to manipulate the item by touching the screen directly. While this technology is in the infant stage, this will bring collaboration to whole new levels. Imagine designing a prototype on paper and showing a 3D version of it to colleagues.

Developers and designers will be able to bring their innovation creations to life without spending hours upon hours creating prototypes. Users will even be able to enlarge the 3D animation as well as create special effects, such as dropped balls (as shown in the video).

At the end of the Youtube clip, the video shows how the Sony phone is able to recognize the poster and ‘flip’ through the contents based on the front cover. Imagine a technology that can integrate real life with virtual reality. What will this technology be like in five years? Will we be able to create real-life animated people who we can have intellectual conversations with? It is a bit frightening to imagine the possibilities, but at the same time, captivating.

Photo Courtesy of hddod
Photo Courtesy of axd