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Intel Raises Warranty On 320-Series SSD

Intel has recently announced that it would extend the limited warranty for its 320 series solid-state drives from three years to five. The company claims that this measure comes from confidence in the SSD’s reliability features and that the new policy includes customers who have already purchased 320 series solid-state drives. What’s a little strange is that the company didn’t extend the warranty with its 510-series, perhaps because it doesn’t run on the same 25 nanometer chip?

Also, the 320 purportedly has more security features against flash errors and power failures (enhancing the lifespan, dramatically.) Consumers looking for a solid piece of storage (pun intended) can purchase the drive in a number of capacities. Starting at 40GB will run you about $100, and a 600GB drive will cost about $1,200. The drives average out at a 270MB/s read and 220MB/s write speed.

Prior to announcing the upgraded 5 year warranty, Intel experience 1/3 of 1% of a failure rate, or a success rate of 99.7%. For casual PC owners, solid-state technology isn’t necessary. Solid-state drives are most useful for portable devices such as laptops or netbooks because SSDs hold the data better than regular HDDs, due to not having any rotating parts. If you have a desktop and are looking for faster speeds, I would check out the Velociraptor hard drives that offer speeds of up to 10,000 RPM (33% faster than traditional 7,200 RPM drives). Check out the video to learn more about the drive!

Photo Courtesy of taka
Photo Courtesy of taka