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Microsoft’s Influence On Major Mobile Companies

Nokia is expected to launch 12 new Windows phones next year and according to Forbes, a couple of them will offer dual-core processors. A couple of the dual-core phones will be powered by ST-Ericsson’s U8500 system-on-a-chip (not to be confused with ‘hotdog-on-a-stick’) package, with full support for the ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processors.

Nokia is also said to have already begun developing a Windows Phone, despite the expected launch date in 2012. Microsoft has also asked HTC, LG, Samsung, and Dell to utilize the same chipsets, display sizes, and camera MP number to give consumers a consistent experience with Windows Phone 7 across devices. We will have to see whether these other manufacturers jump on the Microsoft bandwagon although HTC has had a history of working with Microsoft for its Windows Mobile devices.

According to a few HTC leaks we have published, it seems like HTC will indeed put out a few phones with Windows Phone 7, but we believes this to be the exception to the rule. Why? Let’s just say that Windows Mobile didn’t do HTC hardware justice back in the day and HTC is too ambitious to let Microsoft hold them down once again. But, in seeking to give consumers options for mobile operating systems, might as well have a few phones that cater to Windows fanboys, than none at all, right?

Photo Courtesy of louisvolant
Photo Courtesy of jaschiang