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Hackers Hit Sony Once Again

Sony Corp has been hacked once again. It has been less than a month since hackers has intruded on Sony’s personal information and took personal information from more than 100 million online users. A page was hacked on Sony’s website in Thailand.

The site would direct users to another site that was a fake credit card company. The fake company was designed to get confidential information from customers. The security firm, F-secures shut down on Friday. “It’s a Sony security issue,” said Jennifer Kutz, a representative for F-Secure, referring to the fraudulent website.

In April, Sony’s Play Station Network was hacked along with more than 77 million users. This incident was one of the biggest of internet history. Sony told customers on Thursday that the intruder hacked into their system and stole $1,225 worth of virtual points from current account holders.

“Sony is going through a pretty rigorous process and finding the holes to fill,” said Josh Shaul, chief technology officer for computer security firm Application Security Inc.

The hackers are just bored and want to continue to go after Sony because they are an easy target. “I think it’s now ‘I’m a hacker and I’m bored, let’s go after Sony,'” Shaul said. Many people are upset with Sony for waiting a whole week to announce the incidents. I would suggest for Sony users be careful and alert.

Photo Courtesy of Ian Mutto
Photo Courtesy of Jose