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Have You Seen A Hexapod?

This is by far the coolest robot I have ever seen. While your typical robot resembles a human or has human-like features, this robot is quite different. One can call it a six-legged spider, but instead of having pincers by its mouth, it has a camera (what a nice change!). The robot was designed by Matt Bunting, a PhD student at the University of Arizona who is studying electrical engineering.

Matt created his hexapod using 21 motors, the aforementioned webcam, and created the device for a grad school project. Lucky for him, Intel was impressed with the piece of technology and called him in to make replicas for the computing giant. Bunting not only built the robot, but created the algorithms used in the software by himself.

The robot’s six legs give it a full range of body movement. Bunting is also working on some other robots, including a bi-ped (two legs) robot with plans of making a quadro-ped robot, codenamed the Cheetah. He realizes that he has a long way to go in robotics, but is content with taking it one step at a time. I am nearly certain that either Google or Intel will offer him a job by the time he is done with his PhD, but until then, check out the video below to hear from the man himself!

Photo Courtesy of technabob
Photo Courtesy of RyanOre