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Mac Calendar Apps Face-Off

Let’s compare two calendar apps that do similarly the same thing. Fantastical is a fresh new app while Today has functions that have been around for the last few years. Both of the apps do the same tasks, but differently.

Fantastical is in your Mac’s menu bar and features a small window that can be invoked with a click or a custom key combination. It accepts natural language and supports iCal, Google, Yahoo! and Outlook calendars and offers some animations. Color-coding allows for informative, at a glance review and alarm options make appointments easier to remember.

Today, however, can live in the Menu Bar if you want it to, or you can use it as a normal app. Its no-frills main window offers a clear and highly legible overview of what’s pending, and hot key combinations can be created to call the app to the front, create an appointment or create a task. Each app has its strong points and weak points.

When entering an appointment both of the apps offer keyboard shortcuts, but only Today features shortcuts for creating an event and creating a task. One can pull up Today’s appointment editing window easily, but filling it out requires much scrolling and clicking on drop-down menus. Fantastical is faster in this area. The cost of Fantastical is currently $14.95; Today sells for $24.95.

Photo Courtesy of Nthnschrdr
Photo Courtesy of Re-Ality