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Meet The First Google Chrome Desktop

By now, most of you have heard about Google Chrome and its debut as a chromebook. Google Chrome is an operating system that is cloud-based, meaning that all your data and files are stored on the Internet, in a database. Since Google realized that most people mainly use the Internet with their computers, they designed an entire operating system around the Google Chrome web browser, and you get Chrome OS. Chrome OS is an open-source project (anyone can edit) and was originally called Chromium.

A company called Xi3 is now selling an ultra-small desktop computer that is essentially shaped as a cube, and, as you may have guessed by the introduction, will feature Google Chrome. The desktop was designed to support any operating system, Mac, PC, Linux, or any other open source operating system, including Chrome. If you click on the above link, you’ll see that should you choose to buy the desktop, you have an option of 10 colors.

Consumers also have a choice of one out of three operating systems, a choice of hard-drives and solid-state drives offering up to 1TB of total storage space, mounting options, a display (since this is a desktop computer), and your operating system of choice. Xi3 is currently only offering to ship the cube with Windows or Linux, but users will be able to easily install a fresh copy of OS X or any software of their choice once the machine reaches home. An external DVD drive will be required to hook up to install such an operating system, though. If you can bare through all the background noise, check out the video for the introduction of the Xi3 system at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Photo Courtesy of xi3
Photo Courtesy of mbtrama