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Galaxy S II Vs. HTC Sensation

This comparison is not a typical competition between Apple and Droid, but a Droid verses Droid battle. The HTC Sensations biggest competitor is the Galaxy S II.

When it comes to Hardware the Sensation is at a slight disadvantage. Galaxy S II pairs its 1.2GHz dual-core with 1GB of RAM, the HTC Sensation uses just 768MB. The Galaxy device has 16GB of memory packed in, while HTC makes due with just 1GB. There’s an 8GB microSD card in there, but you can add a bunch more memory to the GSII the same way if you want. So that is one win for the Galaxy with more room for storage. Relying on external storage makes the HTC run slower than the Galaxy.

The Sensation 4G for T-Mobile has WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0. Also, it has GPS, gyroscope, G-sensor, digital compass, proximity and ambient light, SRS virtual surround-sound, and a couple of cameras including an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and dual-LED flash on the back and a VGA fixed-focus camera on the front for video calls. This device also comes with FM radio able to use a bundled wired hands-free kit as an antenna.

When it come to the phone and battery there has been no real issues found . However, as far as the battery battle goes, HTC quotes up to 495 minutes talktime or up to 400 hours standby from the battery, on the other hand the Galaxy’s battery performance is better, with medium to high usage only taking a quarter charge after a full days use. The video below shows a visual comparison so you can make judgment for yourself of which phone is better.

Photo Courtesy of DroidCommunity
Photo Courtesy of DroidCommunity