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Google Buys Tech Startup, Sparkbuy

A Seattle startup named Sparkbuy has just announced that it has been swallowed up by Google. The purchase comes just one month after Dan Shapiro started the company which had an online service allowing users to compare prices and features of various electronics gadgets. This is the second company Dan Shapiro has sold or merged in the past 18 months.

It is quite common for well known companies to swallow startups, usually more so for the human capital than any products built. As part of the deal however, Google will be shutting down Sparkbuy’s service. Sparkbuy raised $1 million in funds from Benaroya Capital. The company consisted of Shapiro himself, Scott Huag, and Isaac Myers, all three will be moving to Google’s offices.

Shapiro stated in a memo that Sparkbuy will be working with Google to deliver enhanced search results hinting that Shapiro and his team will be working on Google’s search algorithm, being that the startup previously specialized in hunting down gadgets and devices according to specifications. As for Google, this is just another investment to add to many. I feel that Google is on a path towards becoming invincible in the tech industry. With Android being the most desired mobile OS on the market right now, there’s not much that can slow down Google, except for U.S. courts, but Google has lawyers for that.

Photo Courtesy of GillyBerlin
Photo Courtesy of fg