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iPhone 4S Coming This Year, iPhone 5 Due Next Year?

A rumor has been circulating around the Internet today, and don’t worry it’s not one of those ‘vicious’ types. The rumor is that the next-generation iPhone will contain curved glass. According to industry sources, Apple has purchased between 200 and 300 glass cutting machines for the production of the curved covers. Since glass cutting machines are typically expensive, we can bet that Apple is going to use this to give the iPhone a fresh new look.

Now, if this rumor holds any weight, this would mean that the iPhone 5 would come out next year and that the iPhone 4S will come out later this year (basically the same as the iPhone 4 but with a wider screen and improved software). This would make sense since Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference held earlier this year focused on software and not hardware.

This will also give plenty of time for the iPhone 5 to get 4G LTE connectivity, making it a much worthier investment for both consumers and for Apple investors. This would also give time for the iPhone 5 to develop NFC within its phones. I am most certain that we’ll receive something more official from Apple in the coming months, but until then- try to remember that the iPhone 5 may arrive next year.

Photo Courtesy of iEntryMail
Photo Courtesy of Ishmael