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Pizza Hut App Now Available On Android And iPad

In September of 2009, Pizza Hut launched a specialized app for the iPhone that generated a massive $1 million in sales within the first two months of launch. It took them a few years, but the pizza chain has finally brought the app to the likes of Android and iPad users. If you’re hungry, now’s the time to visit the Android Marketplace and make your download. New features included in the new apps include:

Access to full Pizza Hut menu with all pizzas, pasta, WingStreet wings, drinks, sides and desserts
Guest Checkout option for customers to order without signing in
Automatic saving of popular orders for easy reordering later on
Most Popular items section for quick access to your Pizza Hut favorites
Specials section with updates on new products and deals

Pizza Hut is also working on rolling out an app specifically designed for Windows Phone 7 users, so hang tight folks! Until then, go ahead and order from your desktop PC as you normally would, and stop being such a Windows fan boy!

Photo Courtesy of ferret
Photo Courtesy of ultima