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Sony Reveals 13.3″ Flexible Color Display

Sony has just developed a 13.3″ flexible color electronic paper device. The e-paper was revealed at the 49th SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition 2011, the world’s largest academic conference on display technologies. The new display is based on E Ink Corp’s electrophoretic-display technology. The e-paper weighs in at just 20 grams and is 150-microns thick. It is made of a plastic substrate and has a color gamut of 13% with a contrast ratio of 10:1 and a 150 dots per inch resolution.

The display has a high reflectance rating from its color-TFT plate and contains green, red, blue, and white pixels. The pixel count has a resolution of 1200 x 800. The e-paper is made by having the plastic substrate attached to the glass using a special flue. Once the TFTs are attached with a low-temperature process (180 degrees), the plastic substrate is then removed from the glass substrate. Sony claims that their technology is among the best due to high precision during the manufacturing process.

As you can see in the photo, the display is quite nice, especially when considering the fact that it cannot be destroyed from simple drops or falls of the laptop (not to say that a drop wouldn’t damage other internal components such as the hard drive or RAM). It is still unclear how we can incorporate these technologies into laptops and have the flexible display benefit us unless we find a way to better protect the other hardware components as well.

Photo Courtesy of instablogs
Photo Courtesy of spoti