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Toshiba Gears Up For Massive OLED Production

Toshiba introduced the OLED as the most portable and most flexible screen, measuring at a size of 0.1mm and weighing in at just a gram. OLED was and is the first flexible screen introduced by Toshiba, as it utilizes an oxide semiconductor TFT, the OLED is composed of a plastic substrate at a temperature of 200 Celsius.

The founder chose a plastic substrate because he didn’t want to attach the TFT with a glass substrate that needs to be handled at the higher temperature of 320 Celsius. Since plastic is also lighter weight than glass, it offered to be the most attractive option. What’s so great about the OLED is the picture quality it holds over a longer period time than other screen types.

The OLED screen is also immune to screen burn-ins, which are basically pixels burning into the screen when left at the same state for too long (that’s what screensacers are for!). Although the OLED has been existing through laptops, PCs, and LCD TVs, the OLED hasn’t had it’s chance to shine with Toshiba just yet, but the company is planning on making super thing displays by year 2014 or 2015. See the video to view the benefits of having a flexible OLED screen.

Photo Courtesy of CmdFire
Photo Courtesy of ClintonJeff