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Twitter Now Sends E-Mail Updates

Twitter sent out a tweet to its users notifying them of a new email feature. If someone favorites or re-tweets one of your tweets an e-mail will be sent to whatever e-mail address you set it up in the settings tab.

The message will be sent in the same way that other emails have been sent when someone sends you a direct message or you have a new follower.

Hopefully there will be a way to manage all the notifications so your inbox doesn’t become over whelmed with all the twitter notifications. The e-mails for the notifications follow the new layout of the site so the two emphasize connection.

The New feature is available now, however not everyone is able to use it.

Twitter should have had this feature a while ago, but I guess they are slowly catching up to Facebook with features that have been around for a while.
Personally I would rather the notifications be sent via text message so my e-mail doesn’t get over flowed.

Photo Courtesy of ImjustCreative
Photo Courtesy of TheNextWeb