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Windows Mango Update Has 500 New Features

Microsoft Steve Ballmer may have dropped the ball at a recent presentation for Japan’s Microsoft Developer Forum. Ballmer claims that the new Mango update for Windows Phone 7 would carry over 500 new features and will run on flashier hardware than current Windows Phones. Some industry tips claim that as many as nine new Windows devices may come, including those from major manufacturers.

Acer will be showing off two new Windows phones later this year, Dell will have one called the Wrigley, and the HTC would have at least two devices as well. I don’t know who’s friends with Samsung executives, but Samsung will be coming out with four Windows phone models, one of which will be similar to the Galaxy S II.

Don’t get too excited about Mango just yet as we are expecting a Fall release with devices likely to follow the OS release. The new OS will feature IE9, better map integration, and third-party support for cameras and gyroscopes. The Mango devices will also let users access Office 365, the Zune app, and may feature near-fields communications as well. Could this be a bug-free Windows phone or are we just looking for an updated disaster of another Windows product? We’ll certainly see.

Photo Courtesy of BobbyV
Photo Courtesy of MicrosoftSweden