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Xbox 360 Will Get Full Stereoscopic 3D

A new report states that Microsoft will reveal full stereoscopic 3D capabilities for its Xbox 360 gaming console at E3 this June. EuroGamer claims that the stereo 3D support is expected to work similar to PS3’s three dimensional effect and feature an HDMI 1.4 stereoscopic 3D in 1280 x 1470 twin 720p, allowing 720p to work with each eye. Hardware-wise, the new Xbox360 won’t have anything to be desired beyond the 3D option and if you’re not into 3D, there won’t be much use for this new version.

Stereoscopic is of course, being able to see 3D without needed any special headgear. As for me, I enjoy looking at two-dimensional objects, especially when I am gaming for hours on end- I like to be staring at a flat TV and not have villains pop out at me. I believe 3D gaming walks a fine line between extreme entertainment and discomfort.

To be clear, this is just a firmware update and won’t require consumers to go out and purchase a brand new Xbox360. Of course, Microsoft hasn’t yet commented on whether this report is real or false, and perhaps the company isn’t seeking to drop the ball on 3D support just yet.

Photo Courtesy of pabuk
Photo Courtesy of ShaunG