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Acer Coming Out W/ 10″ Oak Trail Tablet

Acer is expected to launch a 10-inch Android Honeycomb tablet with the new Intel Oak Trail processor, scheduled for July. Acer has been known to be a company of many ‘firsts’, launching one of the first Android-based netbooks back in 2009, it was of no surprise to see the company adopt the Chrome operating system for its notebooks. After hearing earlier about the Windows 8 scheduled release next year, we wonder what Acer might have in store (pun intended) for us then.

As a consumer you can expect Acer to unleash a flurry of Android notebooks and tablets before Windows 8 takes the spotlight for Android, even if momentarily. We may also see a few Acer tablets that support the MeeGo operating system.

As you can see from the photo, Acer seems to be going for a more modern, finished look, rather than the company’s traditional glossy black. I personally enjoy the brushed-metal finish as I feel it gives the technology more of an edge, but that’s just me. We don’t have any information yet on hardware, thus making it hard to guess on the pricing, but you can bet the tablet to not exceed $600, I mean $599.99.

Photo Courtesy of blogcdn
Photo Courtesy of feck