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Airplay For Windows Media Center Is Now Available

Air Media Player is a remarkable tool that lets you wirelessly download video content from apples gadgets like the iPhone, iPad or even iTouch to a Windows PC. It is basicly the same as AirPlay Media Player that emulates and acts as Airplay receiver to accept videos from iOs gadgets.

Once after downloading and launching the media player on Windows PC you will see AirPlay enabled on iOS apps that supports it. Select your Windows PC that acts as AirPlay receiver (output source) to wirelessly stream video from iOS device.

In order for the Air Media Player to work you must have .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, Bonjour for Windows (Included with iTunes, or you can download the Bonjour Print Services) and QuickTime for Windows. This tool works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Below is a video demonstration of the apple’s Airplay app. It is pretty neat. This is one more feature that Apple doesn’t have a one up on anymore.

Get the Airplay Media Center here: http://thomaspleasance.com/

Photo Courtesy of FHKE
Photo Courtesy of Kimb0lene

  • Funky Factory

    You can also try Aerodrom (http://funky-factory.blogspot.com/p/versionsinfo.html).
    Aerodrom brings AirPlay to Windows.
    It lets you stream audio, video, photos and slideshows from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad wirelessly to your Windows PC
    or notebook and even Windows Media Center using AirPlay / AirTunes technology.
    Works also with iOS 5.