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Make Apps Yourself With New App Developer-App Cloud

Brightcove is a company that is known for its online video platform, but today it is launching a new product called the App Cloud. The amazing App Cloud will let developers create apps in one of the easiest ways possible. From what the app looks like: it will do the same thing for apps that Brightcloud, another one of Brightcoves products, does for video publishing.

Brightcloud makes the video production process as easy as possible while producing high quality results.

App Cloud will allow companies to develop apps using its online interface, and then easily export them as iPhone or Android apps or even mobile wed apps.

The apps are built using HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3, but you can also include native code if you wish. Brightcove’s app platform will also make it easy for you to include advertising, engage audiences with notifications, and give you analytics to help you track your app’s performance.

Brightcove along with many other companies are trying to make the app developing process simple to the public, but its experience in other area like video publishing may make it the top dog in app developing software.

Photo Courtesy of Josh
Photo Courtesy of Karindalziel