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Company Ban On Facebook?

Jason from Technoodling believes that although Facebook can prove to be a distraction for some, it can also serve as a powerful communications tool. He believes that Facebook should be allowed in companies because a) employees need to feel that their employers trust them and b) Facebook can be used professionally to communicate with others and monitor a company’s brand or a product’s reputation.

Jason believes that if companies hire quality people then those people will not abuse company time on Facebook. He carries a very results-driven approach in that if an employee is producing a good amount of high-quality work then they should in turn get the freedom to responsibly check Facebook from time to time.

His solution for those who choose to abuse the open policy? Fire them, just as you would for anyone on the phone all day or someone missing a day of work, while at work! I have to agree with him. Even if Facebook is banned, what about all the other social media sites? Gaming sites? Before you know it, half the Internet will be ‘banned’ in the office and your company is no longer a cool place to work. Besides, if you’re getting the results you seek, why not bend the rules from time to time and keep your workers happy?

Photo Courtesy of Shawn
Photo Courtesy of Natodd