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HP Is Offering More Fantastic Online Services

Hewlett-Packard is is starting an aggressive plan for more technical support of Hp users online.
On May 24th Hp announced that they will have a HP Support Center, amazing and stupendous offering is designed to give users online access to information, technology and people they need.

The HP Support Center is a response to the customers that constantly need technical help. The support center will answer questions and solve problems in a timely fashion.

“Our commercial and enterprise customers have increasing expectations of what they can do on the Web,” she said. “They want very fast and immediate access to the relevant tools, relevant people [and] relevant information.”

“HP has been investing in its Web services capabilities for more than a year,” Barsamian said. The HP Support Center platform is just the beginning of what HP has in store for web based information.
HP even offers a mobile support app that offers customers instant technical support through their mobile phones. Barsamian said,”HP is the first vendor to offer such an app, which is expected to be available this summer in app stores for devices running HP’s webOS, Apple’s iOS 4 and Google’s Android mobile OS.”

This is great for Customers and shows that HP cares about its users. I think more companies will follow this trend and it is a good idea that will not fad out.

“HP Services saw gradual improvement in its higher value-added services’ sales in 1Q11,” Technology Business Research analyst Beau Skonieczny said in a May 17 research note. “However, it will need to be more aggressive to support profitable top-line expansion.”

“We have not yet shifted our services business to higher-value, higher-margin and higher-growth categories,” Apotheker said at the time “We have over-executed operationally and under-invested strategically.”

Photo Courtesy of Jonjd2
Photo Courtesy of Constantin