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Is The Kindle Going Touch Screen?

The new trend is touch screen, but many people love the easy accessible Kindle. Its so easy on the eyes and it is the first pick for people who do not favor touch screens and want a simple device for just reading. The Kindle is so easily accessible that a 12-year-old or even an 80-year-old can use it.

A lot of people are afraid to move up with technology and the Kindle provides a comfortable ground for them. Buttons are more familiar to people as a whole and the touch screen feature is something not all people are ready to adapt to quite yet. But there is certainly a sub-set of users that are hesitant to embrace the technology in their much loved device and I’m a card carrying member. However, Barnes and Noble and Kobo just introduced models with new touch screen E-link displays.

The new gizmo is fantastic at battery saving. The new display is power saving and has a 2 month battery. That is great, however some people do not want the Kindle to take the trend of touch screen because that is what makes it so unique. The E-ink screens are beautiful and look like text from a book.

It is the closest thing to paper print technology that anyone else has to offer. The screens are not LCD by all means and do not have a glossy finish. This is actually a good thing because it would gather all the access oils from your fingers and the E-ink screens are just as finger friendly.

Maybe Kobo and Barnes and Noble decided to go the touch screen route because all the new trend is touch screen and the most popular best selling tablets are all touch screen. I just hope people are not disappointed with the jump in touch screen technology.

Photo Courtesy of Drathus
Photo Courtesy of Marzoquique