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Official: Windows 8 Coming Next Year

Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer confirmed that Windows 8 was coming out in 2012 during his speech at the Japanese Developer Forum. Ballmer also said that tablets would be the core part of the company’s newest operating system. I guess he was bummed out last week when an Intel executive spilled the beans and took the glory of the tablet-based Windows 8.

Ballmer added that consumers should expect to hear a lot about Windows 8 (as if we hadn’t heard it enough already) and that there will be tons of Windows 8 slates, tablets, PCs, and a variety of different shapes and sizes. Ballmer states that Windows 8 will feature an immersive user-interface that is influences by Windows Phone 7’s touch-display.

Microsoft also said that they will focus on three-year cycles for their operating systems (uh oh!). The only real question now is how many different versions they will have of the new operating system and prices, prices, prices! Will they be selling an “ultra-secure” operating system thats costs $400 like they did with Vista or just keep it simple with “home” version and “professional”? With Microsoft, it seems that the company is still trying to establish organizational behavior for its operating system while Apple seems to have it down pat.

Photo Courtesy of CBI
Photo Courtesy of JoshB