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Is Square Going To Replace Cash Registers?

Most of you already know about the amazing Square app. The app is so easy to access transactions right from your mobile device; all you need is the little square gadget connected to your phone. Any one that owns a iPhone, iPad, or Android can use it.

Now Square is giving more opportunities fro big merchants as well as small companies to use their easy and convenient services.

Today Dorsey is revealing the Square Register, a replacement to current old-school cash registers. The company is taking the new device a step further with the new Square Card Case, which is a way for customers to access local merchants goods and products.

This is an amazing idea because normally when you make a purchase at a shop, there might be a card that allows you to rack up points that gives you certain discounts or even free merchandise. The new Square Super Card does this feature for you virtually. If the vendor wants to participate in this feature then an app needs be downloaded so you can get the virtual card.

In a merchant’s card within the case, you can press a “use tab” button which allows the frequent customer to essentially put a purchase on their virtual tab with Square at the merchant. So once you press that button within two blocks of the merchant, you’ll be able to tell the cashier your name and your card will be charged on the merchant’s backend Square register. Because you are a repeat customer, Square already has your payment information. The purchaser will then receive a push notification when the merchant processes the payment.

Below is an interesting simple video of how the Square app works.

Photo Courtesy of W9Jim

Photo Courtesy of Ijustine