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T-Mobile Releases Rocket 3.0 Modem Stick

T-Mobile revealed today the release date and pricing for the first HSPA+ 42Mbps modem along with an announcement that the network is doubling the speed of its current 4G network across 50 markets in the United States. I am glad to see that while AT&T seeks to get the T-Mobile acquisition approved, T-Mobile continues business as usual (which is smart, in case the deal doesn’t go through, it wouldn’t be good for T-Mobile to stand as a wallflower).

T-Mobile stated its new 42Mbps 4G modem, the T-Mobile Rocket 3.0 broadband stick will be available for purchase on May 25, tomorrow. The T-Mobile Rocket 3.0 will be sold at selected T-Mobile stores and on the website for $100 after a $50 mail-in rebate, that is, for customers who are looking for a two-year service agreement.

With 2x the speed this means that your websites will load instantly, you’ll be able to stream HD videos, and download massive amounts of video and audio (legally, of course!) through the blazing fast Rocket 3.0. If T-Mobile is able to bring down the prices of its data plans we can hope for a much more reasonable cost to enjoy blazing fast internet without suffering from data caps. I think at this point in time, the data plans are a little too pricey for your average consumer.

Photo Courtesy of socialbarrel
Photo Courtesy of cisco