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Twitter Gobbles Tweetdeck For Breakfast

Twitter has just gobbled the famous Twitter application, Tweetdeck for $40 million, according to CNN. The deal was originally set for $50M but worked its way down to a 40 million sum. Negotiations were finalized on Monday and the papers were signed, giving Twitter the rights to add the Tweetdeck application and similar app purchases like Tweetie to it’s central platform.

In the midst of all the negotiations, Tweetdeck 2.0 released an entirely new version of its application giving it a restructuring both inside and out. The user-interface is as beautiful as ever while extremely fast for all the Twitter-junkies out there.

I wonder what Twitter’s next purchase will be and if Twitter will remain as a top player in social media for the coming years. After all, Myspace was once pretty big and has since died down over the years. I think with social media applications, you’ll see the fad of everyone talking about it until something eventually replaces the trend (such as with Facebook, and with pretty much every other piece of technology, hardware and software, that is released.) I am curious what the next ‘one-hit wonder’ will be.

Photo Courtesy of NevilleH
Photo Courtesy of GeekyGadgets