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13.3″ Sony VAIO S Boasts Impressive Specs

Sony has just enhanced its VAIO S series, making the laptop the most stunning we have seen yet. Technology enthusiasts around the world will be able to select between burnished brown, jet black, platinum silver, as well as pink or blue, made with magnesium and aluminum metals.

The laptop contains a 13.3-inch display, boasting a 1600 x 900 resolution (stunning!), and is just 0.95″ thick. The slim machine weights 3.6 pounds giving users the freedom to carry heavier loads in their backpacks or briefcases. Instead of using the typical glossy displays, Sony is going with a matte display giving your mind some ease from ‘fingerprint worry.’

Sony claims a battery life of up to 15 hours if you choose to get the sheet battery, but bare in mind that the sheet battery will bring the weight up to 5 pounds- if that’s an issue for you. Let’s get straight down to the wire here. This laptop will feature a Core i7 processor and is capable of being configured with a dual solid state drive. The system contains a graphics-ready AMD Radeon HD 6630 1GB graphics card. Users will be able to enjoy their favorite blu-ray movies and Intel’s Wireless Display 2.0 technology. Video conferences will be made easy with the integrated web cam, coupled with face tracking technology and an Exmor sensor. A bit of a nightowl? Good, because this laptop contains a LED backlit keyboard. Now if only Sony would opt-out from loading all the bloatware in their fancy machines!

Photo Courtesy of chipchick
Photo Courtesy of chipchick