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200MP H4D-200MS Camera: $45,000

A company called Hasselblad has just created a 200MP camera called the H4D-200MS. The camera is based on a 50MP sensor and composites six shots to create the effective resolution. Each photo takes about 30 seconds to take and uses a piezoelectric motor to create the image. Since 30 seconds is quite a long time to hold a smile and the lungs can only exhale so much, this camera is most ideal for product photography.

The camera shoots at modest sensitivities between ISO 50 and 800, and keeps the True Focus feature. The True Focus feature uses motion sensors to auto-adjust the focus after the camera is rotated for an off-center shot. Now here’s the kicker: each photo is about half a gigabyte (600MB).

Due to the incredibly large size of each uncompressed photo, the company recommends tethering the hard drive with the camera rather than loading and offloading memory card after memory card of data into your computer. The complete camera system is going for about $45,000. Owners of the existing H4D50MS can get an internal upgrade for about $10,000. For most professional photographers, it makes more sense to rent these cameras rather than buy them directly.

Photo Courtesy of macNN
Photo Courtesy of macNN