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Amazing New Toaster Alarm Clock For Your iPhone

A new gadget looks like a toaster for your iPhone. However, it is not toasting your phone. It is charging it and using it has an alarm clock. No one likes waking up to an annoying alarm clock in the morning.

Michael Kritzer designed this project for Habitco, and you may soon see this smart concept in a gadget store near you. The new gadget is called the Day Maker. The gizmo is built with an analog clock on the side. There is two slots that looks like places you can put toast as if it were a toaster, but instaed of toast, you put in your iPhone.

You do not have to have two iPhones in order for this neat little gadget to work. For the toaster alarm clock to work all you have to do is set your iPhone to the time you want too wake up in the morning. In the morning at the time you set to wake up there will be a buzzing noise.

The phone will pop out of the device like a piece of toast would from a toaster. However, if you want to snooze, like most of the human population does, then you just press down on the phone and it will snap back into place.

The Day Maker is coming to the Habitco online store very soon. There is more amazing gadgets on the website that you might want to check out.

Photo Courtesy of HabitCo
Photo Courtesy of HabitCo