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AT&T Fail: LTE Introduced To Only 5 Cities

While we hear Verizon covering 38 cities with 4G, T-Mobile covering 55 cities, we also hear AT&T performing as expected, covering only five cities. Well, if you happen to be in one of these five cities, you can bet that you will be overcharged for your data coverage.

The Long Term Evolution service will launch in its home sate of Texas in cities: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The other two cities are Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois. Another ten more are expected to hit later this year, bringing the total covered cities to a measly 15.

AT&T customers should also expect to see about twenty 4G-branded devices to arrive later this year although only a select few will be LTE with the others just being HSPA+3G. The HTC Puccini tablet is the only LTE device we currently know to support the service. AT&T’s snail pace with LTE would explain why Apple may be taking so long to adopt the technology as well.

It seems like 2012 will be the year when LTE will really take off. In conclusion, if you don’t mind pricey data plans for little data, being overcharged for your data 100% of the time, and losing calls more than you’d like, let us know what you think of AT&T’s new network.

Photo Courtesy of LGEPR
Photo Courtesy of LGEPR