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BlackBerry OS 7: Leaked

Many consumers may have been waiting for the new BlackBerry Curve, codenamed Sedona or Apollo at the time, but for some reason RIM decided to pull back on the scheduled plans. Fortunately, a recent leak of the BlackBerry OS 7 for the Curve 9370 has just come to light, and comes packed with some tutorial videos.

As you can see from the videos, to mobile operating system seems to be as intuitive as ever, except carries a more modern twist than your conventional BlackBerry device. You’ll notice for one that this OS has a navigation bar rather than having the user cycle through rows and rows of applications.

I personally thinks this gives the device a fresher and more modern look but we will have to see how the regulars feel about this one. Within the videos, you’ll get to see the basics of the OS, the smartphone, homescreen, and leaked ROM information with vendor data. This device will only be available on the T-Mobile network, so if you are a crackberry addict and are on AT&T or Verizon, now’s the time to switch! From tech enthusiast eyes, I am sure that AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint will soon release a similar BlackBerry device but who knows what kind of hardware or appearance those devices may have.

Photo Courtesy of pocketnow
Photo Courtesy of seanY