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BlipSnips Gets Awesome New Update

The mobile video sharing company called BlipSnips has just rolled outs its latest version of the its iPhone app, giving users a whole slew of new features. The app introduces new elements to sharing videos on the most popular social networks including the geolocation support and the ability to tag your friends within the timeline of a video. Users are also able to link comments to action while it is happening.

BlipSnips is different from other mobile video sharing apps in that it has advanced tagging capabilities that are linked to specific moments in a video. The application not only allows a direct share to Twitter and Facebook but also gives users the change to tag friends and locations within videos, linked to a movie’s timeline.

Videos can be played back either through the app itself, on Facebook, or the BlipSnips website. The app has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its launch but with the host of new features, we may see this boulder-based company continue to roll down the tech-inspired mountain at high velocities! If you haven’t used BlipSnips yet, give it a shot the next time you choose to shoot a video, you might just be able to make it more viral with the linking than without! Check out the video to learn about the application.

Photo Courtesy of atdusk