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Excellent Note-Clipping Chrome Extension

A social note-taking system called Evernote has just released a new and improved version of its extension for Google’s Chrome browser. The update calls for a new look, gives users better note-clipping, and grants the ability to search the web and Evernote simultaneously.

With the Evernote Chrome Extension, users can click to save content on the web and even select entire bodies of blog posts or articles without highlighting, since highlighting is such a chore! The new feature is called Article Clips and is intended to make it easier for users to snip their favorite content to Evernote, and for some, promote plagiarism.

With Evernote’s Simultaneous Search function, users are able to run a single search in the extension and pull results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing at the same time.These new browser-based upgrades are only available at Chrome for the time being.

Evernote’s VP of marketing, Andrew Sinkov states that Google helps the company develop functionality that is more difficult to perform on other browsers and that he hopes to eventually include the feature on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers. Whether you are in school or are just a book worm who enjoys your online copy of the New York Times, download the Chrome extension and let us know what you think!

Photo Courtesy of JohanL
Photo Courtesy of JohanL